We welcome the formation of the central committee on the Naga political issue: NSCN-IM


With Nagaland forming a parliamentary committee on the political issue of Naga comprising the 60 members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and two members of parliament, the NSCN-IM said it welcomed the formation of the Central Committee as long as there is no attempt to dilute the spirit and substance of the Framework Agreement (FA). The committee has Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio as organizer and opposition leader TR Zeliang as co-organizer. The parliamentary committee will discuss issues relating to the Naga political issue and will play the role of facilitator in the ongoing peace talks between the Indian government and the Naga political groups.

The framework agreement was signed on August 3, 2015. NSCN-IM said in a statement that the much-talked-about framework agreement (FA) is not something that was signed in haste. This was the result of the well-thought-out proposal of the Government of India (GoI) when the Indo-Nagas political discussions came to a standstill as the Indian and Nagas leaders took their respective positions without a point of meeting when the discussions focused on the central issue of the solution within the Indian constitution (Indian stand) and outside the Indian constitution (Naga stand). This was the result after going through a long series of talks when the Indian government finally came up with the framework agreement as a formula for a win-win solution. Significantly, the talks had revolved around the FA, with both sides being cautious not to allow either side to gain a strategic advantage or to deviate from the FA.

“However, the ‘foot-in-mouth’ syndrome identified at the state’s BJP unit in Nagaland is already giving the central committee a bad image before work begins. No such committee should bear fruit if historical reality is not taken into account. If the BJP wants to resolve the political problem of the Naga within the framework of the Indian Constitution, it is high time that the BJP expresses itself very clearly if it becomes aware of the national Naga movement with reference to the declaration of independence of the Naga on the 14th. August 1947 and at the Naga Plebiscite on May 16, 1951. The BJP should express its position very clearly, either to admit these factual accounts of history or to deny them, ”NSCN-IM said.

The team said this was to emphasize that members of the central committee should not overestimate themselves or their role at the cost of destroying the Naga political identity that the NSCN has firmly protected throughout both. decades of discussions with the Indian government. The mistakes of history should not be repeated at the hands of the Central Committee.

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