Why I don’t support any political party! -By Idris Ahmed

Let me cut to the chase. I do not support any political party in the current context of abject poverty and unprecedented insecurity in our beloved country.

Thanks to this wicked, callous, incompetent and irresponsible government, the worst Nigeria has ever seen, our people are highly disembodied and incapable.

In many parts of the North, there have been no commercial, agricultural and educational activities for the past two years. Our people are living in hell in their homeland.

So in these dire situations, have people taken time off from their sanity to think that there will be peaceful, free and fair general elections in 2023? I honestly don’t think so!

Neither the irresponsible government nor the selfish politicians are campaigning for the general elections to be postponed until there is adequate security for lives and property across the country. This tells us that politicians across the political spectrum are there only to enrich themselves and their families at the expense of the masses. Sadly, the security of the Nigerian state and the welfare of the masses is the last thing on their minds.

Buhari has already squandered the best benevolence ever given to a Nigerian politician by the masses, who cast aside their political, religious, tribal and other biases to bring him to power. To avoid being called the worst Nigerian president of all time, I submit that he should do the following:

  1. Abandon the 2023 general elections as there is no indication that they will be safe, free and fair. He should use the money to partly pay our growing external debts and partly to strengthen security.
  2. For once in his life, he should have the courage/audacity to completely purge the obviously corrupt Nigerian security apparatus, especially the military. A commander-in-chief who is afraid of the coupe is a worthless commander-in-chief!
  3. After canceling the elections and purging the security apparatus, he is expected to hand over the governance of the country to an interim government of competent, eminent Nigerians, who, under the guidance and protection of ECOWAS and the United Nations, will then be in able to lead a safe and free life. and fair general elections.

Apart from the above arrangements, I fear more violence and kidnappings in the 2023 general election. Terrorists will have a blast at the polls. Our people will have to pay a high price for a worthless exercise that bears no relation to their very existence and quality of life.

I put down my file.

Dr Idris Ahmad.

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