Why Meghan Markle’s involvement in this political issue has divided Twitter


In the open letter published Oct. 20, Markle also pointed out that “many other countries have robust programs that give both parents (birth or adoptive) months to be home with their child.” She added: “The United States, on the other hand, does not guarantee anyone a single day of paid leave federally.”

However, Markle’s involvement in the issue has divided opinions on social media.

Referring to the Duchess’s recent phone call with Gillibrand, in which she urged the senator to keep fighting to support the policy, a Twitter user called the exercise interaction “unnecessary”. “Telling people who have already voted for the bill to ‘keep fighting’ won’t make a blind difference unless they get all their party members or have a bigger majority “, they added.

Meanwhile, others have questioned Markle’s intentions behind his support for paid family leave. “She’s hopping on a moving train that has already left the station. Which means she’s doing it for publicity,” one detractor commented.

However, many were quick to praise his efforts to support this particular cause. “So proud that Meghan continues to use her platform to help pass much needed legislation that will help working families,” one said. Twitter user commented, while another supporter said it was “a beautiful thing” to see Markle “advocate for his staff and others to get paid time off”.

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